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505 Old Post Rd, Edison -

(732) 287-3038



Saturday Night:


Pickled vegetables with a lot of sesame seeds and a spicy tomato mixture.. This dish was great and enjoyed by all:


This was fried and dried calamari.. It was really interesting.. They could have been placed in a potato chip bag and eaten like chips.. However, with the addition of a warm sticky and spicy honey sauce, it seemed to rehydrate a bit.. A really fun dish that was hard to stop eating.


Chicken curry roti.. Seemed to be a specialty of the house.. Lots of tables were ordering this dish.. The roti went well with the vegetable starter as well.. All around very good.


Curry beef soup with noodles.. This dish was my favorite of the night.. I could have had this and went to dessert and been happy..


Little one ordered chicken satay that was exceptional.. A mango tofu was pretty good.. Really good if you like orange sauce sweet dishes.. The sweet was more mild and less puckering then most places.. Still not for me either way.. Most people at the table were disappointed in the really soft tofu used.. All would have liked have seen something more firm.

Beef rendang: Brisket cooked well, fall apart, great over rice, had a nice heat to it.


Hot bean dessert, shaved ice with all coffee gelee, corn, condensed milk, all sort of "treasures" as the waiter described.. Desserts were great!


This aint no Hansens but it will do for now..


Service was excellent and friendly.. We had the nicest waiter but, dealt with a few different waitresses during the meal.. Food came out incredibly quick with the exception of the satay that takes 15 minutes.. And to me that is a good sign if the satay takes 15 minutes..

They have this hilarious birthday song ceremony where the house lights are turned off and the entire restaurants sings to you.. Great way to railroad an unsuspecting birthday boy or girl..

All in all the food and experience was memorable.. One of the best restaurants I have eaten at in the area.. Great find..

No bar, they have very strong iced coffee.

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Edison? Looks like they have a chain going. There is a Penang with the same lettering and dishes in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and that Strip Maul across from Quakerbridge in Lawrenceville on Rt 1.

Agree about the quality of the food. Don't hesitate to try it.

Some dishes were very similar to what I ate in Kuala Lumpur.

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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Yep, must be same as the one in Lawrenceville, decor is the same and I enjoyed the honey calamari last time I went as well. Other favorite is and eggplant dish which used the skinny purple eggplants (really sweet) and tops with a chopped up mixture of jalapeno and dried shrimp. Yum.

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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Visited the East Hanover branch a couple weeks ago. Not bad at all. Didn't love the satay--felt they were rather anemic--and thought the hokkien mee could've used some more balls, but other than that all was good. Service was perfunctory, but I'll be going back. Very cheap.

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I go to the East Hanover one alot... hit or miss sometimes now that Henry (the manger/owner) is running the Lodi location.

I alternate between:

roti canei-quick griddle fried dough with a bowl of chicken/potatoe curry

tofu satay-fried tofu with a pocket cut out with cucumber filling topped iwth peanut sauce

honey fried calamari

amazing wonton soup

tofu nyona-tofu in a spicy sauce with pork and basil

seafood chow fun-braod noodlews with seafood

Penang tofu-cantonese style homemade (unreal!!) tofu in a light white/egg sauce.

kang kung in garlic sauce-chinese spinach

plus to many more to mention

always have leftovers



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