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Panico's Brick Oven Pizza


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Panico's Brick Oven Pizza

94 Church Street

New Brunswick, NJ



Showed up to lunch on maybe a game day? I am not sure but, the place was not too busy.. The restaurant does in fact have a wood burning brick oven..

Simple pizza place food.. A few pastas, sandwiches and pies.. They have a liquor license and we bought a decent Valpolacella for 19 dollars.

Started with a cesar salad..

Dressing was mayo:


Fried Calamari- It was ok.. Sauce was bright and tangy.. Could have used more then a thimble full..


Plain pie for the table.. We assumed it was Neapolitan but, it was NJ Pizza Place Style.. A really nice slice for the style.. If I would have known I would have added toppings..


And the bottom:


My favorite thing was Miss K's lasagna.. It had that tangy sauce, the pasta was well cooked, and it was filled with a ricotta and herb mixture.. It reminded me of the manicotti that I would get as a kid at our favorite Pizza Place..


Place was priced well.. You can also just stop in for a regular slice from the pies sitting on the counter.. You can get a few beers, watch a game, there is a lot of room.. A great pizza place for a college town.. I would come back if in the area. Wouldnt sit and eat a meal unless I was with the little one.. Though, 19 dollar bottle of drinkable vino.. Also, if you get a salad, I would suggest oil and vinegar on the side.

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