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Israeli Cabernet wines


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Israeli Top Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting

Special Reserve Thursday October 19th 2008

Nearly ten years after the eruption of Israeli wine boutiques, one can clearly state that Israel is on the right track in its search to discover its own identity, perhaps the most important mission to gain any international recognition. The world's finest Cabernet wines, whether a traditional Medoc, A well invested modern Californian Cabernet, A classical single vineyard Chilean Super Cab, A full bodied Argentinean chewy Cabernet, A perfectly balanced South African oak aged style or an Italian Super Tuscan, Terroire, craftsmanship and dedication brings the best out of mother nature. Over 200 Israeli wineries are in search for this winning combination, experimenting, re-experimenting and experimenting again.

Cabernet Sauvignon Segal, Single, Marom Galil 2004

Free spirit, insight and dedication lead talented Avi Feldstein to the Marom Galil vineyards in Northern Israel long before theories about the fine Galilee terroir became a practice. Today this talented winemaker is responsible for some of Israel's best value quality wines.

A medium to full-bodied wine, chewy and very well balanced, oak being in the background with nearly no interference with the wines ripe and mouth-filling texture.

Balanced and tasty properly spiced by tannins and oak.

Enjoy now – 2011.

Cabernet Sauvignon Bravdo, Carmei Yossef ( winery and vineyards ) 2006

Two of the best known wine educators in Israel are Professor Ben-Ami Bravdo and his student Professor Oded Shosayov. In 2001 turning theory into practice, their first wine was born, technically perfect but with no character or distinctive traits. Carmei Yoseef's 6th vintage is an expression of their desire to bring ripe flavors into the glass.

10% Merlot added, this medium bodied cabernet shows a very subtle, ripe and well balanced wine, well defined aromas and flavors to be enjoyed now or in the 3to 4 years to come. The Bravdo seems a bit ambiguous providing a dry texture with a somehow sweet feeling aftertaste. It will be interesting to follow this wine though depth, complexity and layers will doubtedly be a part of the aging result.

The winemakers did a successful job capturing the aromatic aspect of the grapes in an appealing and friendly manner.

Drink 2008-2012

Cabernet Sauvignon Tishbi Estate 2005

Golan Tishbi's 1st official wine continuing three generations of viticulturists and now winemakers. Finishing his New-Zealand wine studies Golan brings freshness to both whites and reds to his family's winery.

10% Cabernet Franc compliments a medium + Cabernet Sauvignon body adding a lively green tannin notion to a very well balanced and fairly friendly wine. Mildly toasted oak compliment the fruity flavors ending a consistent wine with a good and pleasant feel.

Drink 2008-2012

Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden, Single Vineyard Elrom, Golan heights 2004

This massive winery going single vineyard is a trend to be seen in other wine making hulks of this tiny holy land. Victor Schoenfeld focuses on one of his oldest vineyards to bring a well expressed fruity, subtle and even friendly wine. This newly released 2004 cabernet Shows better balance and harmony than any leading cabernet previously released from this infamous winery.

Less oak, more fruit and balance – perhaps a new era for the Golan Heights hulk and by far one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon produced in the Yarden series so far.

Drink 2008-2014.

Cabernet Sauvignon Kayumi, Single Vineyard Carmel 2004

In this age of quality and search for value, multi-million bottle wineries are in need of a showcase and Israel's largest one chose "Kayumi" in the upper Galilee.

Deep and concentrated bordeaux color with hints of amber at the rim.

A rich and concentrated nose including anything from fresh ripe fruits, dried prunes, spice, toasted oak and leather in a fairly subtle and enjoyable manner.

Ripe and rich the mouth is an array of different flavors ranging from wild and chewy to smooth and elegant.

This medium bodied wine shows a very good potential for the Kayumi vineyard portraying more ripe flavors than most Northern Israeli vineyards.

Drink 2008-2012

Elul Sea-Horse 2005

73% Cabernet, 18% Syrah, 9% Petite Sirah 20 months in French and American oak.

Subtle and consistent fairly balanced bouquet blending oak and fruit into one entity.

Spicy and fruity with a smooth silky feel halted by a good acidity, and new oak joining he older adding green tannins and spice.

This is a fairly balanced medium + body that will need a couple of years to fully develop yet will fail to develop further depth and layers.

Drink 2009-2014.

Cabernet Sauvignon Amphorae 2004

95% Cabernet Sauvignon 5%Cabernet Franc aged 24 months in French oak.

Powerful the whole way. This wine starts with a concentrated dark red color, a concentrated nose of raspberries and black cherries, mildly toasted oak and and sweet scented spice.

The mouth showed little fruit, spicy tannins with a well balanced acidity promising a future for this wine but doubtedly interesting. Powerful and chewy yet lacking complexity and flavors failing to stand up to expectations

Drink 2009-2014.

Cabernet Sauvignon Altitude 624, Barkan 2005

Israel's 3rd largest winery had been struggling with a mediocre image for quite some time now. The new Altitude series ( 2nd vintage ) is an excellent try of a modern well made cabernet putting Barkan on track towards better quality standards.

Red Bordeaux color with some depths

A beautiful ripe fruit, vanilla, chocolate and very mild spice bouquet with hints of nutmeg lingering after the fairly concentrated fruit and chocolate mix.

A bit young now the acidity leads the feel of the wine over layers of fruits, hints of chocolate ending in a fairly gentle spicy feel.

This is a well made cabernet with an impressive structure, very good balance and harmony and a promising future.

Drink 2009-2015.

Cabernet Sauvignon Mescha Tavor 2005

Recently owned by Coca-Cola, Winemaker Arie Nesher and his team had shifted from tens to hundreds of thousands bottles produced on the Tavor Estate. The Mescha series is supposed to represent the Top notch wines of Tavor and to be released only in selected vintages. The 2005 is the second vintage Mescha dry red of this winery.

The wine is due to be released March-April 2009.

A clear and appealing Bordeaux color with some depth

The nose portrays a fairly balanced nose sweet raspberry liqueur mildly toasted oak and mild spice, consistent, yet lacking layers or complexity.

Smooth on the entry with appealing silky fruits, spices, good acidity and a dry lightly toasted oky finish.

This wine will prove balanced and quite pleasant to drink but I doubt it should gain further complexity and layers to head the best wines of the Tavor winery.

Drink 2009-2012

Cabernet Sauvignon Avidan Limited Edition 2005

85% Cabernet 15% Merlot, Ella valley vineyards aged 16 months in French and American oak.

This young quality boutique winery is undergoing rapid changes and if to judge from the 2005 vintage – from average to better.

The nose seems somehow closed with slight hints of vanilla, medium toasted oak and some dried and fresh fruits.

The mouth portrays almost a full bodied, chewy and quite balanced cabernet joined by some greenish and immature tannins. The finish is chocolaty with some sweet notions that linger for some time.

This is wine to keep for several years for hot climate cabernet lovers as a medium to full bodied, fruity wine of a chewy aspect.

Drink 2010- 2017

Andre Suidan

I was taught to finish what I order.

Life taught me to order what I enjoy.

The art of living taught me to take my time and enjoy.

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