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Zuma - Dubai


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Had a great meal there during the soft opening, of course the 50% off helped, food was good but the service was a little nervous. I'm sure it's up to scratch by now. I would like to go back see what it's like now they are in full flow with DJ etc

Cheers P

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I actually think that Zuma is the best restaurant in the Emirates. Its expensive, but os is everything else in Dubai. I left Zuma after spending a large whack of cash feeling satisfied, and not ripped off like i usually do after leaving an Emirates based fine diner.

my tips for dishes are

- tempura asparagus

- king fish and truffle sashimi

- wagyu steak

- cold bottle of saki......

the only other restaurant of this calibre in dubai that i can recommend is Amwaj, in the shangrilah dubai. i havent been there in a while but the food is always good, but the best part is the service is excellent.


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