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Square glassine candy cups


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I have a sample of Novacart's square cups. They are cute with stripes, but the smallest size is 1 3/8". That is a bit too large for me. They have an adorable boat shaped cup, but it is either too small or too large, nothing in between. I can't remember the pricing, but it seems like it was 3 or 4 times the cost of traditional cups.

Ruth Kendrick

Artisan Chocolates and Toffees

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I contacted the folks at www.novacartusa.com and they DO sell square glassine candy cups.

Here's some info from the email I received from them:

The standard "1000 line" 1Q cup [1 3/8" or about 33 mm] comes packed 2000 pieces per pack at $16.11 - in stocked stripe colors of brown, burgundy, gold or blue.

If you were interested in doing a custom colored line a 220,000 piece minimum order is required to have those produced. The cost of a custom colored striped cup in the 1Q size would be $20.20 for a 2000 piece pack.

In general, to place an order with us we require a $75.00 minimum order.

www.qualitapaper.com does NOT currently carry square cups.

Of course, as Marmalade noted earlier, the round cups work just fine.

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