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"Fine T" Brewing Machine

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Had not heard of it til now. Here's a link to marketing info on the machine.

My impression is that it's selling an illusion - that making fine tea well can be made simple through whiz bang looking technology.

The things that jump out for me:

1) It only goes to 205 F. 208 is generally considered to be better for most blacks and 212F for Puer. And for some few teas, going below 160 is desireable.

2) Looks like it makes only four cups at a time. Not two or one, the most common need. But can't tell for sure.

3) Keeping those four (or whatever) cups on the hot plate will not do the tea any favors.

4) It controls infusion time and temp, but you still have to play with the other third variable - amount of tea leaf.

5) For $400 you could have a collection of good to great teaware from Europe, China and Japan - teapots, teacups and more. Plus a 3, 4, 5 quart Zojirushi water boiler/warmer if you need tea water at the ready all day in quantity. Plus an instant read thermometer and a small scale - if you are inclined to measure rather than learn intuitively by doing.

If you get it, please let us know what you think of it.

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