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Mmmmm, Baconnaise!

Special K

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From the Times:

Bacon, bacon everywhere

The local folks who brought you J&D's BaconSalt have a new product up their sleeves: Baconnaise. Yes, it's a bacon-flavored mayonnaise and sandwich spread, something BaconSalt co-founder Dave Lefkow says is long overdue in the pantheon of bacon-related products.

"I hate mayonnaise. I despise mayonnaise. But I like this," Lefkow said. "It's going to be great for sandwiches and for dips and for salads."

The new product's Web site, www.baconnaise.com, will be up and running by Oct. 11, around the time the product will begin arriving in QFC stores and Pike Place Market. In the meantime, look to www.baconsalt.com for more information about a launch party planned at Seattle's Kangaroo and Kiwi pub.


Michael Lloyd

Mill Creek, Washington USA

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Found it today at QFC in Ballard. The website has a whole bunch of recipes, but first it's going on a turkey sandwich!

May I say, LB, that your comment strikes me as . . . not exactly in the eGullet spirit? Lots of people like the taste of bacon but can't or won't eat the real thing. If you find this product repulsive, don't buy it. But don't judge those of us who are interested in trying it, please.

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