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Ya Kun Kaya

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Some years ago, a friend brought me back a jar of Ya Kun Kaya from Singapore, and I got absolutely addicted!

Ever since then, I have been scouring the local shops trying to find some, but they only sell other brands, none of which are even close in terms of taste and texture.

I know I can buy Kaya from asian grocery shops or make it myself (and yes I'm sure it would be better made myself), but this stuff makes every other type of Kaya I have tried pale in comparison.

So, is anyone else addicted? I have read through the Kaya thread, but have found that Kaya isn't too well known around the world !

According to their website, they have locations in the following countries:

Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, The Philippines, & Vietnam.

So there could be Egulleters from any of these countries who are also addicted :-)

( a BIG Picture of the product can be seen here: http://www.yakun.com/images/KayaJarPoster%20(Eng).gif )

Are there other major Kaya shops who rival Ya Kun in popularity or product quality ?

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