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Late night celebration


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We are a group of 35-40 people looking for a place around Palais des congres to celebrate the end of a training program next Friday. We would like to be able to have drinks and a snack but the issue is that the course ends at 10:45pm.

Chinatown is an option, but I don't know where to go with a group this size. Any suggestions?

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In Chinatown, just 2 block as away from Palais des congres, there's a restaurant on clarck and Rene-Lesveque called New Dynasty or in French (Nouvelle Dynastie)

1110 Clark, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Phone: 514-871-8778

Their Won Ton soup is very good. I believe it has shrimps and pork in it.

Their Baked salted shrimps and calimari are to die for.

You can call to reserve for a large group. I know they close around 4 or 5 am

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