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Poland culinary vacations--fabulous!

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i'm in poland on a food tour called poland culinary vacations and despite being so full of stuffed cabbage and pierogi, pickles and sauerkraut, am feeling so excited that i wanted to tap in and share. its run by a woman, named sarna, whose family defected when she was a kid so she's grown up both places. this woman loves to eat and share her fave dishes, so we're shlepping all over the region around wroclaw, eating and cooking, taking classes from chefs and village housewives alike, its simply so fabulous i wanted to give egullet a hollah at ya!

i'm off to shop now, before my flight back to uk: here is my list: kielbasa, smoked makeral, local pickles (basically kosher dills), rye bread, black bread, seeded bread, pastries, wild mushrooms, and a braid of garlic. i might find something else i need at the market, i think its inevitable.

there is so much good food in poland, its amazing and really uplifting to see what a renaissance of polish cuisine is going on!


Marlena the spieler


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