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Dining in Montreal with a Toddler


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I know this has been covered a bit before - but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

We're staying not too far from Lafontaine park. We walk a lot. So the east end of downtown and plateau areas in particular would be the most convenient.

I haven't been to Montreal in ages, can't remember where we ate last time. That was before the kid though.

Also, I think I remember hearing about brewpubs in that area. Can anybody tell me more?

Is Au Pied de Cochon kid-friendly?

If I were to hit one market, which one should it be? And which stalls in particular - mostly looking for Quebecois products or perhaps some local cheeses that aren't making their way down the 401 to Toronto yet.

Actually, are there any specialty food shops that sell only (or mostly) Quebec products?

If anybody has any other kid-friendly ideas, foodie related or not, please let me know. (He's three. He'll eat just about anything unless it's spicy.) I think the Biodome and insectarium are on the list, but really, he'd probably rather just go somewhere and watch for trains.



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La Taverne du Cheval Blanc


(514) 522-0211

Le Sergent Recruteur Pizza & Biére


(514) 287-1412

Brasserie Artisanale L'Amère À Boire


(514) 282-7448

Brasserie Artisinale and Bistro Le Reservoir

9 Avenue Duluth Est

(514) 849-7779

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel


(514) 490-9555

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Hi RG,

I don't know if it's in effect but there's was a movement years ago that wanted to identify made in Quebec products.

I found these web sites that might help you find Quebec made products



you can use a web translator to convert the page to english



We Tried It, We Liked It, It's Showtime

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Thanks all!

Had a pretty good trip. Our stroller died near the Botanical Gardens about halfway into our visit. We knew it was on the way out, and planned to retire it after this trip - but we didn't foresee the cause of death.

That little hiccup mad our lives a bit trickier.

Didn't make it to APdC. In fact, our dinners were pretty uninspiring - tourist trap places on or around St Denis and Ontario. But, when you've got a young child, you eat at the nearest place you can find when hunger strikes. Unless you're a lot more organized than we were.

Did make it to Jean Talon. Great market! Bought a lot of cheese at Hamel, and ham, sausage (and milkweed pod ketchup - haven't tried it yet) at Marche des Saveurs. Our lunches were good! Also had some pupusas from somewhere near Jean Talon market/ Little Italy.

I had a few pints at Cheval Blanc and L'amere a Boire. Bought a few liquid souvenirs at Paradis de la Biere.

I always enjoy Montreal. looking forward to visiting again.



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