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Where is Sue McCown

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Post-closing of Coco La Ti Da, has anyone tracked Sue McCown? Internet searches have yielded nilch. Does she still have her wholesale place on Queen Anne?

As of April 2008, Nancy Leson reports that she's working for Starbucks.

Speaking of Sue McCown...

I've had umpteen inquiries from people wondering what's become of McCown after the closure, a year ago, of her wholesale baking company and much anticipated signature dessert lounge, Coco la ti da. After spotting her in the flesh at a chef's conference earlier this month, I got the answer. McCown, long known for her stellar work for the W Hotel's Earth & Ocean restaurant, has hooked up with another big corporate outfit: Starbucks. Yes, she's still baking, but her business card now bears the famous mermaid logo and reads "Senior Product Developer, Global Food Solutions, Research & Development."


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