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Shipping Chocolate from U.S. to Canada

Truffle Guy

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We were fortunate enough to be on "The View" yesterday as one of Whoopi's "Must Have" items and have received numerous emails/calls from people in Canada wanting our product. What are the requirements for selling/shipping both retail and wholesale food products to Canada? I'm hoping it is not a difficult process but thought I would check with those who have already been doing this type of business. Thanks. Bill

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We were fortunate enough to be on "The View" yesterday as one of Whoopi's "Must Have" items ........

Wow! Congratulations! :smile:

It's pretty easy.... not like shipping food to the US from Canada where you need government permission for each shipment. :angry:

As long as you're not shipping meats or cheeses or stone fruits you're fine. Chocolate is fine. I've ordered chocolate from the US many times. Just ship direct and don't give it another thought. Just be sure your shipping company will actually ship it, and be sure it's packaged accordingly. (Some parts of Canada this time of year are hotter/more humid than Tampa.)

Some Canadian customers might request that you mark their chocolates as "gift" to avoid paying duty on it.... be aware it's illegal (here, not to you) and our customs (after noticing a pattern if you're shipping through the same customs outlet) will start giving you trouble, or start blocking your shipments altogether. It's rare but it does happen. It's a very nice thing to do for us Canuck customers (we like when you try to save us money and will order again if you do) but it's better for you not to make a habit of it. It's ok to mark the shipments as "product sample" though, although obviously that's just for personal shipments or "testers" to wholesalers. Just FYI.

Congrats again. :smile:

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I suggest reading the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website, specifically the food imports page. There might be no restrictions on chocolate, but it doesn't hurt to check the regulations beforehand.

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