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Outlook for schooling grim


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You sound like you are getting closer to figuring it out - take time to figure out a plan and then follow it -

Are you serious?

serious about what?

Not sure what the question was either - Wes - you know what you want - you just have to figure out HOW to get to where you want to be - and do it --- it is passion that drives chefs not money (even though it is very nice) I love what I do not becasue of the Exec being jealous of my work, or the yelling at why I orederd what I did or the notes I leave for the staff to remind them - I do it becasue I want to look good and I want my crew to feel good about what they do...

I agree with you. And I thank you, and everyone else, for your input. I think,for me, its best just to rough it, why not? There will always be work somewhere. And honestly i feel better about it, my fear though is missing the fundamentals but there's a million books that I can read. So ill make do.


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