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Storing Corn on the Cob

Holly Moore

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A couple of weeks back Joe Stratton of Wynnorr Farm in Glen Mills PA (AKA my secret corn spot) took me on a tour of his corn fields and sent me home with at least two days worth of corn, even after I shared a dozen with friends.

Fortunately he shared his method of slowing down the sugar to starch conversion that kills the flavor of corn on the cob. Husk the corn as soon as possible and then refrigerate it in a zip lock bag, adding a few ice cubes to the bag.

I tried it. The second day isn't as good as fresh from the field - but it is much closer than with other storage methods I've attempted.

Holly Moore

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It's that time of year - I talked with a local large scale corn grower today about storing fresh cobs.

Her advice was to cook what you got then refrigerate. Scrape the cobs when they're cool and then bag/refrigerate for the next day.

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Holly, how I envy you your corn haul. I'm not sure how many you need to store and revivify, but I learned something from having just a couple of leftover boiled ears this week.

I wrapped them separately in Saran and stuck them in the fridge. For lunch, a couple of days later, I unwrapped them, added a couple of slivers of butter, rewrapped them and nuked for maybe 45 seconds? They were only slightly lass fab than the original out -of -the- pot ears.

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In New Zealand, the Maori people place the cobs in a sack in running water (a stream or river) for a couple of months until the corn is partly decomposed. This is then made into a kind of porridge. The smell is somewhat reminiscent of blue vein cheese. It's called kaanga wai (kaanga=corn, wai=water - water-cured corn).

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Cook's Illustrated recommends the following:

Soak shucked corn for 15 minutes in a gallon of ice water with2 drpos pof bleach and 1 drop of lemon juice. Store in a ziplock bag in the coldest part of your fridge.


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Soak shucked corn for 15 minutes in a gallon of ice water with2 drops of bleach and 1 drop of lemon juice.  Store in a ziplock bag in the coldest part of your fridge.

Yikes - now I love fresh corn (and cook's illustrated) as much as the next person, but this sure seems like overkill.

Take it off the cob and freeze the damn stuff if you need to.

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I've always shucked the ears, removed the excess silk, run them under cold water and wrapped each individually in plastic wrap with the water that's clinging to the ear. Microwave for about 4 minutes, eat at least two ears, buttered and seasoned, and then cool and store the cooked remainder to eat over the next week or so. A quick reheat in the nuker, butter, season, eat, repeat...

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