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Isle of Wight

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I'm contemplating applying for a job on the Isle of Wight, which would require me to move to the island. Lots of things look attractive (about the job and the island), but I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the culinary scene there is like? I'm thinking about places to eat out, but also what the shopping for raw ingredients is like - are you reliant on trips to the mainland? It won't influence my decision to apply, but it'll help me prepare!

Look forward to hearing from anyone,


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Just picking up on this thread, I'll be in Yarmouth on Saturday night. Any tips? A good fish restaurant with atmosphere would be perfect, but open to all suggestions.

Funnily enough I was just about to post an update....

Have now made two visits to the island and been shortlisted for the job! :biggrin: So I am also back this weekend.

On my first visit I had lunch at the Blue Crab, on the high street in Yarmouth. Very simple, I had a crab salad with a crab almost bigger than I could eat. It was very friendly, and if I understood the conversation I overhead correctly owned by the girl doing the waitressing, with her mother serving at the fresh fish counter and helping out with the serving.

Second visit was a flying one for the first interview - tea and a (very nice) sticky bun at Quay Arts in Newport.

This time the interview process begins with dinner with other candidates and 'key stakeholders' on the Friday night at the Bembridge Sailing Club. I have no view on that at all and suspect the food will be the last thing on my mind.... Free for the weekend then the interview proper all day Monday.

I'm staying at the Priory Bay Hotel for the weekend which is at the opposite end of the island to Yarmouth but claims 'the ultimate summer dining experience' in its Oyster Bar & Grill. It also has a restaurant, head chef Alexis Gauthier, of Roussillon. Can't comment on the quality personally yet though I will next week!

I'm also following up on the previous recommendation, couldn't get into the Hambrough the first weekend I went over so have booked lunch this time - again though that's the other end of the island in Ventnor.

Wish me luck..... :wink:


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