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Blue Grotto


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I had a nice meal last night at Blue Grotto.

We had a Greek salad; the antipasti platter; a pizza with pancetta lardons and leeks and red onions; and a bottle of red wine. I think the bill was $65 before tip.

The salad was put together well with the perfect amount of lemon-y dressing. The walnut-encrusted goat cheese was a nice finishing touch.

The antipasti platter was enormous and teeming with cured meats, good cheeses, a little syrupy balsamic vinegar, an assortment or pickled and roasted vegetables, and some crispy, seasoned crackers. All high quality ingredients and composed beautifully.

The pizza was authentic--similar to what I remember from Italy. They have a huge wood burning oven in the center of the restaurant that handles only one or two pizzas at a time. The flavor was dynamite but I think they cooked it too soon and it sat around for a while before we got it because it was slightly cool and soggy. The waitress was happy to have it re-fired, though, and that made it a little better.

The ambiance is pretty hip (especially the bar area) and the whole operation was efficient and professional. I think it will do very well in Brookside.

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