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Texas BBQ-ing Methods

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I've just returned from Lockhart and Luling where I sampled top tier Central Texas BBQ. Kruez Market, Smitty's, Blacks, and City Market, so I wanted to talk about do it yourself BBQ. This topic has talked a lot about equipment. Most of it has been around automated electic smoker. I've seen the true in-direct, 100% wood burning brick pits up close and in person. They are certainly a site to behold. But to do that for my own personal use? No way. Just won't ever happen. I still think something far more modern would be best for me.

Anyway, what about method and technique? What are people using for rubs for brisket and ribs? And maybe most imporantly, what kind of wood (actual hard wood logs, chunks, chips, or "pucks"). Down in Central Texas, I think oak was the main thing. (correct me if I am wrong). Are you using different woods for different meats? That would be hard to do with a single smoker.

Jeff Meeker, aka "jsmeeker"

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