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family friendly dining in/around Seattle

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We will be spending a couple of days down in Seattle this week, and we are wondering about family friendly dining. We will be staying in the U-district, but have our car. Our little guy is just over 5 months, and generally very well behaved. Any suggestions?

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gosh, i think you could take a 5-month old practically anywhere! vio's is definitely good, especially for older kids that are running around. there aren't alot of places in the u-district that i'd recommend.

palace kitchen, downtown. quinn's on capitol hill. steelhead diner & cafe campagne in the pike place market.

greenleaf for vietnamese food in the international district. it might be a little tight downstairs, but upstairs would be nice.

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I think Quinn's is all 21 or over? maybe only after a certain time?

on another site this was listed:

"Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions. My friends are leaving tonight, so here are the places we ended up going to eat:


Cactus - Alki (lunch)

Ray's Cafe (lunch)

Pink Door

Belltown Bistro

Steelhead Diner

You can see the theme here was outdoor seating.

If anyone else is looking for places in the future, I would say that all of the restaurants were very nice about accomodating us, but some were of course better suited than others. I think since Ray's sees so many visiting families through that place, they were the best equiped, with special baby seat holders and blankets for sitting outside and all that jazz.

Also for future reference, don't drink too much wine and then wander into Belltown Bistro just because it's close."

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