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Screw the Nuke! My microwave died...


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My favorite and most common use of the microwave is its timer -- to time OTHER things.

I do hope that you are not running the thing empty.

For most domestic microwave ovens running empty is serious abuse.

Beyond damaging the machine, worst case, you could start a fire...

Running empty

Warning! Never operate a microwave oven without food or liquid inside it.

• Refer to the instruction manual for your oven. Some microwave ovens should not be operated when empty.

Unless you have specifically checked your manual for a statement that it is safe to operate empty - don't do it, please! Its cheaper and safer to use a simple purpose-built timer.

LOL. What portion of microwaves don't have separate, designated "Timer" functions? 5%?

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Mine also seem to be not treating the meal evenly / uniformly and I stopped using it .

Still works well for making popcorn and heating slightly frozen stuff :smile:

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