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Need a Fish to Match My Sauce


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So... the day before yesterday I whipped up a pretty pleasant beurre blanc sauce. (It's amazing how much time you have on your hands when you ought to be studying for the bar exam :sad: ).

There still more than 1/2 of it left over and I'm soliciting seafood suggestions to match it with. A couple of caveats:

(1) I live in the Pacific NW, and while I often buy my shrimp from Florida, I prefer to get most of my fish/shellfish from closer to home.

(2) My wife and I are trying to have a baby :wub: so all of the mercury-laden fish (tuna, shark, swordfish, marlin, etc..) are off the menu.

(3) I made the sauce with a Vino Verde (about the opposite of California Chard), so it's a bit more piquant than your average beurre blanc.

With that said, please send us any of your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for your time everybody.


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