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Santa Barbara Rock crabs

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After reading about folks using local rock crabs which are dirt cheap compared to our prized Dungeness I decided to take the plunge. Plus I had a very low meat ratio Dungeness last time and was disappointed.

Went to Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach (South Bay area of Los Angeles County). They did not have any local rock crab, but I picked up (2) 1-1/2 lb. Santa Barbara rock crabs. I was in to mood for crab versus roe so I opted for some hefty males. $4.99/lb. It was a zoo there so I opted to cook at home versus steam there (plus I think they steam a bit too long as they do a standard 20 minutes on all crabs and lobsters). They were kicking when the fish guy took them out of the tank, but by the time I got home they were goners or almost. The internet sites I found said they perish quickly, so I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Boiled for 15 minutes in lots of salted water, no other seasonings. What a pleasant surprise. The smaller one has been hoovered. Labrador enjoyed the body juices and misc. bits. Firm sweet meat. Shell much harder than I expected. Usually I make it through a crab with my molars and scissors. Resorted to cracker. I got 2 because I expected not much meat, but I am full on one! Of course it is only 4pm so the day is young. Anybody else enjoy these and have any comments?

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