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we're going to try a new Mexican restaurant tonight on the southeast corner of Othello & Rainier Ave South. I talked to the owner about why it took her so long to open, apparently, the spot she took over was formerly a restaurant about 5 years ago (Taco Jr's) but didn't have any permits or licenses. We very nearby, so we have our fingers crossed for this place to succeed, as well as Afrikando!

Columbia City is a bit too far north to walk, and we are really looking forward to some home made tortillas, tortas, and grilled corn with crema for dessert!

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We had a nice meal at Alcatraz.

Nothing extraordinary, but not greasy and everything was fresh. Some unusual twists - like potatoes atop the enchiladas.

They serve no pork or shrimp, as the owner does not eat these.

Also, I did not notice any alcohol. Not sure if that is by design or if the license is still to come. That can kill at food business.

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