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Locals' restaurants in Bermuda

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If you're already acquainting yourself with St. David's -- which is a 45-minute to an hour moped ride but considered waaaay remote by locals! -- you should check out Dennis' Hideaway, also. The late Dennis' son, known as "Sea Egg," will cook you fresh-caught fish, shark hash, stew and other old Bermudan fare not found much anymore. You should call him in advance. The place is uniquely scruffy -- especially for Bermuda -- and he'll tell you lots of stories about how it used to be in St. David's, which considers itself a bit separate from the rest of Bermuda.

Unfortunately, I find the rest of Bermudan fare overpriced and boring. Yes, that includes the top-notch restaurants. I don't travel to islands to eat four-star meals. But that's just me. Just got back from Eleuthera, Bahamas, where I enjoyed the limited but wonderful soul cuisine of fried grouper, fried mahi-mahi, fried conch, conch fritters and sheep's tongue souse. Loved it.

Go to Black Horse and Dennis' though. You won't regret it.

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