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Welcome to & Tips for the Cooking Forum!

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Welcome to the Cooking Forum!

This is the Cooking forum, our storehouse for questions, answers and observations on all aspects of savory cooking -- from comfort food to haute cuisine. In this forum you'll find topics on ingredients, dishes, and techniques from around the world, with contributions from amateurs and pros, all aimed at helping you better appreciate and enjoy the food you prepare.

The Cooking forum is home to general cooking topics like What To Cook For Thanksgiving, What the Heck to Do with Kohlrabi, and Onion Confit. If you’re interested in general topics devoted to breads, pastries, desserts or candies, you’ll want to browse the Pastry and Baking forum. Looking for kitchen equipment or cookbook information? Try Kitchen Consumer and Cookbooks and References.

You can also find region-specific cooking information throughout eG Forums. The eGullet Recipe Cook-Off Series contains dozens of topics on both regional and general recipes, and our regional cooking subforums showcase cuisines around the globe.

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