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sosa products - proespuma


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has any one used this product.

i just got a gigantic jar of it alongside some other cool new powders and gadgets.

the book it came with was all in german..

anyone have any recipes for using it..

also i received some vegetable gelatin powder.. i have yet to make anythign substantially cool with it.. just some terrines.

let me know if any of you have experience with these sosa products.


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From what I've gathered it is a general purpose foaming/stabilizing agent for cold foams. Mix 100g per litre of liquid, load your siphon and cool for two hours. No idea if it also will emulsify fat for eg a vinaigrette foam.

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I have just got the delivery of Proespuma cold and hot (the hot is a new product for hot foams) and a jar of Isomalt.

Does anyone have recipes, ideas etc!?

A question regarding the Isomalt, do you use only isomalt when doing crystal desserts/sugar sculpts or do you ad it to "ordinary" sugar?

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you can make your own foam stabilizers.

Aerators - Xanthan, Methycellulose

Emulsifier - Arabic/Acacia

Stabilizer - Agar, kappa Carrageenan

Mouth feel - Poly Glycol, Alginate, Llambda Carrageenan

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