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Here's where to eat well in Rio

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As a Brazilian, I'm constantly annoyed by certain foreign journalists who come to Rio or São Paulo and write badly-researched stories on the dining scene, throwing in many prejudiced comments. One such story just ran on the Bloomberg portal - I won't even link to it here. The guy had Chinese and Indian food while in town!

So I was very glad to find a well-written and very well-researched story on Rio, published by National Geographic Traveler. Now I'll be sure to send the link to the many North Americans that ask me where they should eat in Rio.

I thought egulleters would find it handy, too, so here's the link.

Alexandra Forbes

Brazilian food and travel writer, @aleforbes on Twitter

Official Website

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As I am on writing binge about food in my city, I second Alexandra on the link. But I also point to http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=112285 , which has very good suggestions.

Just trying to eat some good food and learn in the process with all the well versed foodies here. Please don't hold me too accountable for my so personal opinions! :)

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