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The best burger in Japan!


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Just Stippy blog where I found info

I don’t take my burgers lightly. As a big fan of hardcore burgers and an unforgiving critic of cheap imitations, I am on a seemingly endless search for Japan’s perfect burger for more than a decade. While I’m always hesitant to claim that I have found the Emperor of all burgers (because then I wouldn’t have an excuse to go out eating burgers every weekend!!), I think I have come pretty damn close.

Cut see article for rest of it.

This is what caught my eye. HOME-MADE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smoked bacon (home made)

Fried egg (free range – damn! I didn’t know they even existed in Japan!)

Cheese (fresh from the dairy farm)

Onion Rings (The sweetest onions in Awajishima)

I went for the first three and was more than satisfied. If you add in Onion rings, the burger ends up being 15+ cm tall and even if you can hold the thing, you’re gonna struggle fitting it in your mouth. That said, under no circumstances should you miss out on ordering the Onion Rings. (You can buy a side order for 150 yen.) Order a couple before you leave to nibble on the way home as they are hard to beat. I’m not 100% sure but maybe he sautés the onion rings before he fries them. Let me know if you think you can work out the secret to their flavour.

So anyone have a chance to try this? What do you think? I think it sound BETTER than a hamburger from America! Free range eggs? Onion rings? Dude! *drool* The only time I really eat hamburgers (US style not hambagu japanese style) is during summer backyard bbqs so this kind of struck my interest. BTW the blog is a bit slow on updating but is really cool.

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Been there, done that!

I first "dined" at that place about a year ago, and I think their burgers are the best I've had in Japan (caveat--I've not had burgers everywhere in Japan). My only quibble is that they're difficult to eat. When I bite into a burger, most of the grilled onions fall out (not to mention the tomatoes and lettuce), and the burger is so juicy that the bottom bun gets soaked and disintegrates. The more toppings you get, the bigger the burger is, so I tend to stick with either a cheeseburger or a bacon burger (the bacon they use is really good). I found out a bacon cheeseburger is way too big to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, my mouth ain't that big! :biggrin:

You should see the everything burger which includes onion rings--it's like 20 cm tall or something like that!

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