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Advice? Izote, Aguila y Sol, Pujol, Purificadora


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I'm facing the happy quandary of deciding where to have a special dinner in Mexico City, and have narrowed it down to Izote, Aguila y Sol, and Pujol. My not altogether informed sense is that Izote offers a somewhat more traditional interpretation of Mexican cuisine, while the other two are more experimental.

I ate at Aguila y Sol a year ago, and really liked it - but would be interested in trying something new, unless it is far and away the best of the three. The other factor that comes into consideration is that I will probably just have eaten at Enrique Olvera's restaurant in Puebla, La Purificadora, so am wondering whether it would feel redundant to eat a few days later at Pujol? (Has anyone been to La Purificadora? I'm having trouble finding detailed reviews.) And from what I gather, all of these are in about the same price range, correct?

Which would you choose, and why?

Thanks in advance!

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Your dilemma is down by one. Aguila y Sol is closed.

Since February local wags have been trying to find out what really happened, "clausurado" - not enough parking spaces, executive chef leaves, mounting debts from million dollar move? No one is talking!

So if yo are looking for Alta Cocina Mexicana, Pujol and Izote is the list. They are also opened evenings, which is not the case for all restaurants.

Two that only open for comida ( comida/main meal for majority, between 2 and 4 PM -- suggest you arrive at 1:30-2 PM or be prepared for a long wait)) are:

Equally famous cuisine, El Bajio for their Veracruzan influenced menu. Four locations now, Polanco is a 2 story artesian filled location, 222 Reforma is in a modern commercial center on ground level centrally located to everything, Parque Delta is on Ave.Cuauhtemoc - another commercial center, and of course the original in Azcapotzalco Ave. Cuitlahuac 709 Colonia Obrero Popular, and the web site in English http://www.carnitaselbajio.com.mx/ingles/Default.htm.

Also big is Gabriella Camara's Contramar on Durango 200, just steps away from Plaza Cibeles in Col. Roma Norte ( 011-52-55/5514-3169) try the tuna tostadas, soft shell crab sauteed served with flour tortillas and salsa, and the Pescado a la Talla get it red and green.

Most people pass on going to the South and CU (Cuidad Universitaria/UNAM) but for architecture and the murals of Siqueros, Orzco, O'Gorman , Rivera and for Ricardo Munoz Zuritas (author of Diccionario Enciclopedico De Gastronomia Mexicana) place called cafe Azul y Oro, it really should not be missed. Ricardo has been tireless in his promoting organic/sustainable farming and his salads are incredible. But don't pass on this season's Oaxacan Menu, apart from his regular menu. Located in the Centro Cultural, on the second floor above the bookstore (near Sala Nezahualcóyotl).

These are my top 5, not to be missed, and hopefully you can get to them depending on your time frame. You have to remember though that there are more famous restaurants here in the D.F. then anywhere else so if you like reading (spanish only but easy to navigate) try this site


I selected the Centro Historico and got 74 results among them El Cardenal, Cafe Tacuba, Hosteria Santo Domingo, etc. but change the zone (Seleccionar Zona) and choose Condesa, Polanco, Zona Rosa/Roma, Coyoacan, san Angel.

Come with an appetite and enjoy.

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For cafe Azul y Oro:

The location of the original Café Azul y Oro is:

Centro Cultural Universtario

Circuito Exterior sin/nombre

Tel. (55) 5622-7135

Sunday through Tuesday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Wednesday through Saturday 10:00am – 8:00 pm

They will be opening only on weekends in July and August, call for exact dates.

Pujol does not have the same menu as la Purificadora, try the tasting menu if you can only go once, good selection of wines.

Izote is better in the afternoons then in the evening, in my opinion.

Few things I forgot to mention!

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Thanks so much, Ruth, for those suggestions! And I'm just shocked about Aguila y Sol!! - I thought that the chef was very talented, though, so hopefully we will hear more (positive news) about her in the future.

Right now I am holding a dinner reservation for Izote, so perhaps I'll just leave it, unless others think that this is a mistake.

And yes, El Bajio is very much on my list - in fact, I'm scheming to find ways of eating there more than once. But we did want at least one "alta cocina" dinner in DF, since we are treating relatives, and wanted to do something extra special. I've also heard such good things about Azul y Oro, so will keep that in mind if we find ourselves in the UNAM area.

Thanks again!

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Aguila y Sol is still closed as of mid August 2008, so take it off the list!

Aguila y Sol sighting!

An article on tamales in September issue of Sabor magazine has a small footnote, after discussing the fab tamales that A&S does as side dishes, hinting of negotiations with the St. Regis ( not yet completed) as the next site for this Martha Ortiz led restaurant.

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