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Taxi-like, in Melbourne

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A friend asked if I knew of anywhere that was "like Taxi" but not Taxi ... they've been so many times, they promised they'd try something new next time.

I pressed for more information than that, but the most I could get from them is "the way their take on food is fresh and new, but also familiar."

All i could think of was maybe Ezard? But I haven't been in years. Plus I'm out of touch with most of the new places in town.

Any advice would be welcome/thx/kanga

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Three places come to mind....

Verge (1 Flinders Lane, Melbourne). They do a similar Japanese/European menu.

Pearl (631-633 Church Street, Richmond). Australian food with a very big Asian influence.

Three.One.Two (312 Drummond Street, Carlton). I haven't been here, but from what I gather, it'd probably fit the bill for what your friend is after.

Daniel Chan aka "Shinboners"
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LOL, Verge was the Japanese restaurant that I didn't mention the name of that I mentioned was highly disappointed with in the other thread :S. No idea about the other 2. But if creativity is your thing, I guess verge will satisfy your curiosity.


Kanga, I've had the opposite experience as you at some other places, who I felt were trying to be too original. To me, creativity comes second to taste of the food. I was highly disappointed at some places that had very good reviews (i.e. the Japanese place at the corner of Little collins?? or was it flinders lane?? and Spring; or Mercers) because I thought the food didn't really taste that great.

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I meant to reply before to say thanks for the suggestions... in the end, my friends went back to Taxi ... And then complaining about being disappointed because nothing was 'new' anymore! Schmucks.

Three One Two is now at the top of my next to visit list...

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