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Next Food Network Star

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a Yorkshire accent goes a long way in the colonies.

No doubt. I was in the other room when they brought him on and I thought it was Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear as a surprise judge. With all the road shows and an American Top Gear in the works, it would not shock me at all.

Product placement and car reviews all in one show!

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I was also a bit (a lot) dismayed that Gordon Elliott gave encouragement to the name of Aaron's new show, "Big Daddy's House". Sounds like something ripped from the pages of a Tennessee Williams play.

I did not realize men still referred to themselves as 'Big Daddy'. That is so freaking weird.

I don't know what to think about this. :huh: Once again, Food Network makes my skin crawl.

But Aaron's food did look delicious.

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I finally watched the entire final episode I'd DVRd last week. I think all of the finalists did a good job (with the help of excellent producing and editing) with their pilot promos. It was nice to see Lisa being, well, less Lisa, and more approachable and friendly rather than frenetic and condescending. Her dish looked very tasty and elegant. Of course, I'm so proud of Philly homeboy Adam. His idea of using the live webcast was fresh and innovative and I think he did a really good job with it. His Beer Can Chicken looked scrumptious. Aaron won in the end, because I think he fit the mold of what they were looking for once he finally calmed down and acted like himself, which is what they'd been telling him all along. As for the "Big Daddy" moniker for the show, I can't really say. Seems kind of ridiculous to me, but if he delivers the goods, I think folks will watch regardless of the silly program title. The name of the show doesn't really effect whether I'll watch or not. If I'm curious, I'll check it out.

Congrats to all the finalists! They should all be really proud. Adam, we all still love you in Philly and you're our Food Network Star, regardless. :wub:

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out of the three pilots, I really liked the concept of Adam's. A little different than the rest and more watchable in my opinion.  Aaron is too Neely like for me, and they grate on my last nerve.  Oh well, another fn show to not watch.

You can still watch Adam's concept.

I believe FN will be airing it this season... just watch Ask Aida. :wink:

"There's something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters that has become unrealistic." - Bourdain; interviewed on dcist.com
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It was odd, wasn't it, seeing Bobby Flay in the role of Game Show Host, pinkish tie with big knot and retro sports jacket, paper notes in hand, whipping the audience into a frenzy. (And trying to fool the viewers into thinking this show was "live." If it was live, the camera shots sure looked fuzzy and pre-recorded to me). I didn't think this was one of Chef Flay's better performances.

Fifty-eight minutes of armchair-grabbing emotion, 1 minute of suspense, 1 minute of cheers for Aaron. Sarcasm aside, I watched every one of those minutes.

I wasn't shocked that Aaron won. He's a likeable guy and I think he truly believes this will "change his life" and make him a "star." If so, then personally for him I think that's great. I just hope he doesn't become the Next Forgotten Food Network Star after a few episodes of his new show, ala Amy Finley and the Hardy Boys.

If he's relegated to an odd timeslot on the odd day of the week, if the advertiser's don't think he'll sell their barbecue sauce and if he doesn't get the Arbitron ratings really quickly, likeable as he is, he won't make it.

I think Aaron really loves sharing his food with others. I'm not in his demographic, but I think there's a large segment out there that will be attracted to his show.

Whether Aaron will withstand the "heat of the kitchen" in terms of being a successful brand for Food Network isn't a question we can answer today. Only time will tell.

Poor, dear Lisa-the woman who says that "style" is one of her assets apparently had an argument with the Stylist on the set the day Lisa taped her pilot-and apparently Lisa won the argument over what she would wear in the kitchen.

Certainly a Professional Stylist would not have allowed Chez Lisa to be outfitted in a day-glo, blazing fuschia, frilly-silly dress against the backdrop of Rachel Ray's red retro refrigerator and yellow kitchen walls. Way too many big splotches of bright color. Lisa's poor choice of apparel seemed to heighten just how out-of-touch her concept of upscale cooking is. I just don't think she'd sell.

Lisa's fish looked like it was perfectly cooked-but I could have done without the heavy French accent she used every time she pronounced "Zaaahhh-Baaay-Yownnn!"

Personally I thought Adam did the best of the final three. Beer-can chicken is not something new, nor is the use of a rub using smoked paprika.

What I found fresh and exciting about his concept was the live-remote with the "viewer" on the webcam. That's the sort of real-life snapshot of cooking for a lot of people today-the ability to go online and chat with a cook about a dish-and have it broadcast in the format of a television show. Adam's got the perfect personality and ease with people to pull it off.

Here's hoping that Adam got noticed during his tenure on The Next Food Network Star and he can turn his time in the spotlight into something exciting.

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I caught the run-in show with Aaron and the Neelys and the first of Aaron's shows.

Not bad at all. Big Daddy Aaron civilized the Neelys a bit. There was less of her characteristic schtick.

Aaron's show was actually good. Food looked tasty and he was in control of things. Better than last year's NFNS already.

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I thought the food looked really good too. I liked the way he incorporated his children, you really got to see the real Aaron, not just the cook, but the family man too. I thought he did a really good job with the instructional stuff. Talked about grapeseed oil, when he first used it and really walked you through the dishes step by step. I need to go find out if the recipe for the broccoli raabe is on the Food Network website. I love broccoli raabe and I always am hunting for exciting things to do with it.

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I'm new to food TV as I just went from a cable that didn't carry it to a dish that does.

I found Aaron very likeable so was glad to see that he was chosen. I enjoyed his first show and hope he can continue as well. The little boy is absolutely adorable and a good addition to the show.

I doubt I could get one of his pork sandwiches into my mouth but the combination looked great.

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