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Pistachio Marzipan


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Impatient me... Okay, so I didn't wait for advice. I can always go and do it another time!

I used Grewelings marzipan recipefor pistachios but had to do it a bit differently since I began with this beautifully smooth p. paste. I made the syrup (I used rose water instead of regular) and poured it onto the paste and mixed gently. So I ended up with yummy green sand. I thought I had better food process it anyway even though it was smooth sand. It reminded me of Halvah only from pistachios! So it was still sandy-ish. I added more rose water, eachtime a squirt and processed and then it came together more. I added some vodka-maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons and "walla"! I had a nice green ball of marzipan. It is a bit oily though. I will take a photo. I love the taste but then again I am mad for pistachios.

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Mmmm, that sounds delicious! And like you, I'm crazy about pistachios.

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I will look into that green idea! Clever! Well here are my pralines before dipping:

and marbled- extra and in between pieces after cutting out (hence that flexi Pavoni ganache mould would be handy) :

and finished. The top Pistachio layer kind of drooped a bit due to the warm chocolate.:


250 g raw pistachio nuts- I shelled and that's it. I think if I blanched and peeled the outer thin peel my color may be better.

62g of almonds, bought blanched broken pieces and ground

125g sugar

3g water

First I ground the almonds in my little coffee grinder (2 batches)

Then I did the same with the Pistachios- in small batches!

Then I put it all in the food processor as I thought it may work just as well!

I put the water and sugar in a small pot and mixed and stirred and wiped down sides till it reached 121C It quicky passed that by a few degrees... be careful and prepared!

So mine was a golden colored syrup and I think it should have been opaque. So my pistachio paste has a slight caramel tone to it- not at all bad!

I added this to the food processor while it was working. Then I just continued grinding till the machine heat up. I wold allow the machine to cool down and I would then continue. Until it was too much! The rest is history recorded above!


editted for space bar issues!

I've made pistachio marzipan using Peter Greweling's formula and it was a great success. The color is a "soft" green, with a smooth texture. After nearly destroying my home food processor I bought a Waring commercial model which does much better with these types of products.

Steve Lebowitz

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