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They opened in the last 2 weeks a great supermaket close to everything!

We went last week to Fresh World Supermarket here in Reston while they had a little sale, eggs were .79 a dozen, banana's .19 a pound and milk 1.99 a gallon! Though we didn't partake of those things we filled up our cart halfway for under $50.00 and their prices are reasonable and their seafood and Char Siu Bao and other goodies are inexpensive and delicious too!

They had lots of nice samples some hot stuff some cold throughout the store and I sampled 2 items (I'm not usually the sampling type unless I'm very hungry or it looks real good!) I ended up buying the pork and vegetable dumplings and we got a fantastic low salt soy sauce by Lee Kum Kee. I love their Hoisin sauce so it wasn't hard to try this product that's new to me.

Fresh World Supermarket is within 15 minutes of Tyson's Corner/Fairfax and it's located in the Tall Oaks Village Center off Wiehle Ave Reston VA Don't go there on a Saturday I need to shop TOO! :wub::laugh:

Stacey C-Anonymouze@aol.com

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