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Tusarora Mill Restaurant - Yummy

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Tonight we dined at the Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg it's 30-45 minutes from Tyson's Corner where 7 meets the highway.

203 Harrison Street SE, Market Station, Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 771 9300 www.tuskies.com

We started with delicious bread with a nice sea-salt rub on it. The amuse bouche was soup shots... I'm not keen on veggies I took a sip passed to hubby and regretted that, so I was an "indian giver" and took it back for a second sip.

We shared appetzers I got the Hudson Valley Foie Gras with peaches and other garnishments over toast points.

Hubby got the Crabcake with avocado cream and corn and tomatoes. It had a tiny bit of shell in it he said, but I wasn't so "lucky" but all in all we both agreed both appetizers were tasty.

Our waitress was a perky gal with dark hair very sweet and extremely great in suggestions/helpful hints.

For hubby's main course he got the Tuna Ahi rare over potatoes and mixed roasted veggies. I got the duck with a cherry sauce but I was torn about getting the "meat and meat" appetizer of brisket and short ribs... our waitress asked Chef if he could add it and she came out and asked me if I would like a small sampling added - for $8.00 more it was MORE than worth it, hubby helped himself to it too! It crumbled on the fork deliciously and with the sauce she brought out it made it even more perfect.

We declined desserts because we were about to explode.

All told with an amuse bouche (on the house) 2 appetizers and 2 main courses and half a dozen drinks the bill with a well deserved tip and tax came to under $125.00 for two.

I will definitely be returning here, the service was 4 stars the food was 4 1/2 stars (would have been 5 if the bit of crab shell wasn't in the crabcake) the atmosphere was 3 1/2 stars the back room we were in was pretty with stained glass panes and a lovely wall mural and well lit, but the room with the bar was dark and not very inviting, maybe they can add accent lighting or something?!

If you're living anywhere between Arlington/Alexandria and Chantilly and points North or East of those you may definitely want to consider it. It is left immediately after the Route 7 split in Leesburg.

Stacey C-Anonymouze@aol.com

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