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New Turkish Cuisine Site

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Just in case anyone's been wondering why I've been so scarce for the last several months, it's because I've been translating a web site on Turkish cuisine. It's finally up (with one or two articles on the way). It is not only a cooking site, but also has articles on eating habits, food history, Ottoman cooking, other cuisines in the Turkic world, food and social life, etc.

I would give it mixed reviews myself. The articles are by many different people. Some really did turn out some great articles, others approach the subject in a dry academic style and yet others are more than a bit nationalist in their views. I did edit the the extent allowable (I won't name names but my favorite line was "The Chinese learned to eat oil from the Turks.") Why should I deprive anyone of that? :hmmm: However there were conflicting views on just how much editing was allowable. I can say more in private if anyone wants to know...

As for the recipes - those in the actual recipe section I tried to edit as much as possible to make them comprehensible. Many (taken unedited from various Turkish-language websites, mistakes intact) assume a lot of knowledge, and I spent hours editing and consulting with various people, especially Tijen Inaltong (who I'm sure began to dread the sound of her cell phone!) to check on details that would not be obvious to one not already familiar with a dish. As for the descriptions in the regional/sister/folk cuisine sections, many are quite basic and there only to give an idea of what the food is like, not to provide an exact recipe.


Many of the projects by the Turkish Cultural Foundation are ongoing, with new material being added as more work is submitted. So you might check back from time to time for something new.

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