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St. Helena near the CIA

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because I'm traveling solo, and it's work/study for me. I'm taking a week-long course at the CIA Greystone in June and one in August. Mr. Foodbabe will be home supervising dogs and kids.

I'm looking for places anyone has actually stayed or knows. Yes, there are suggestions on the CIA website, and yes, I've been to Napa and Sonoma and have stayed there. It's too far away -- I'm looking for a nice, clean, quiet place, close to the campus.

Any help is very much appreciated. :smile:

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El Bonita Motel just south of St. Helena on Hwy 29 should fill the bill for you. Try to get a room back from the hwy.

If you don't mind a short drive (9 miles), the Best Western Stevenson Manor Inn in Calilstoga also would be a good, modest choice.

FYI, the type of lodging you are looking for is VERY hard to come by north of Napa itself, but I think either of these would be good choices.

Enjoy your classes!

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when I went to take a wine class there (no, not the rip-off cia bachelor's program one) I stayed at the Lodge at Calistoga. Nothing special, clean rooms, quiet area. Martini House isn't super far away, neither is CIA.

Make sure to stop by Taylor's Refresher, if for anything, just to say you did. Plus it's the only decent lunch you can fit in when they give you your short breaks without having to eat the same spread you made at in Americas class in Hyde Park.

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I have stayed at the BW Stevenson Manor in Calistoga and it was nice, there is also a Comfort Suites North there. The El Bonita is in a great location in St. Helena, try to get over to Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen for a meal, very good food in a casual, friendly setting. Have fun! :)

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The Larkmead Inn is a cute little B&B, really reasonable, just north of the St. Helena/Calistoga border. If memory serves, it's pretty close to the CIA...


A bit chintzy in decoration, but nice, comfortable, and convenient.

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