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Kyoto and Osaka recs please


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Hi all,

We have one dinner slot in Kyoto and one dinner slot in Osaka open -- any suggestions? Japanese food, of course, and we eat everything. We're on our honeymoon; cost is not a concern.

We had reservations at Kikunoi in Kyoto but after hearing from a very trusted friend who ate there within the past couple of weeks and reckoned it an expensive disappointment, we've canceled.

Are there any dinner spots that we absolutely can't miss?

Also, where should we go for okonomiyaki and takoyaki in Osaka? And what's the best place for yakitori between Kyoto and Osaka?

Oh, and any ramen recs? We hit Santouka in Shibuya in Tokyo and it was the best bowl of ramen we've ever had, though this was our first bowl in Japan. (We've only had at Setagaya and Ippudo in nyc and Santouka in NJ.) Is the "Ramen Alley" in Kyoto worth going to?

We've been pretty much blown away by the food so far (Sushi Dai in Tsukiji, Kozue for kaiseki, Rakutei for tempura, Ichinoya for eel, Kyubei and Mizutani for sushi, Ryugin for “experimental” kaiseki, and Shima for beef), and we want the trend to continue.

Thanks so much,


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You've not mentioned soba (buckwheat noodles). If you haven't been to a restaurant where freshly milled soba is prepared and cut by hand and where the accompanying broths are just as carefully made (and only the tiniest fraction of places that serve soba qualify), now's your chance.

I recommend Misoka an Kawamichi ya in Kyoto

Not only is the soba first rate, but the restaurant is beautiful too.

The speciality is hokoro which is prepared at your table

This shows you what the hokoro looks like: http://www.kawamichiya.co.jp/gentei/gentei.html

Address in Japanese: http://www.kawamichiya.co.jp/soba/index.htm

In English it's Sanjo agaru, Fuya cho dori, Nakagyo ku


I've not been to Kyoto in the summer/warmer months so I've no direct experience of the following place, but it does seem idyllic.

It's called Sagenta and it specialises in 'nagashi somen' - these are the (very) thin wheat noodles that flow down bamboo pipes in ice cold water.

It's just outside Kyoto (to the North) and the address in English is 76 Kibune cho, Kurama, Kyoto

Apparently, getting a table over the river at Sagenta can be quite tricky, you'd need to book in advance.

Some more info in English here: http://www.liveitup.com/travel/Go-Kyoto_Ja...antDetails.dest

It has a lovely website which shows you what you can expect


I'm not sure why it is called Sagenta and Ugenta - the characters are the same - 左源太

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Where are you staying in Osaka and Kyoto?

In the Umeda area of Osaka, there Berashio for shio ramen. It's supposed to be one of the top 5 (though tablelog differs in its assessment). I've been meaning to try it, but haven't, yet. It's counter-seating and not really of honeymoon atmosphere, but if you want good ramen, it's worth a try. Chubby Hubby, if you read his blog, liked it!

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