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Favourite restaurants in Colmar

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From ja_rtw on another topic:

Any suggestions for great restaurants in Colmar? We will be staying around 3 nights - walking distances or short taxi rides from the town center would be ideal.

Not really looking for Michelin restaurants (although... exceptions could be made) moreso would love recommendations on more casual, affordable restaurants with local specialties 

Many thanks!

Colmar is rather limiting if you are without transport.

Apart from the Michelin restaurants, there are a lot of touristy restaurants in the centre. A couple of the better places you could try for typical local dishes are:

Aux Trois Poissons, 15 Quai Poissonnerie, Colmar (Alsace style fish and meat) and

Wistub Brenner, 1 rue Turenne, Colmar (typical Alsace).

I've not tried any of these but the local reviews are positive so it may at least be worth looking at the menu outside if you want something different:

O Brazil, 19 rue Stanislas, Colmar (Brazilian)

Au Soleil levant, 15 rue Berthe Molly, Colmar (Japanese)

Hindi Mauritius, 8 rue du Mouton, Colmar (Mauritian)

La Maison rouge, 9 rue des Ecoles, Colmar (typical Alsace fare)

And if you want a cake and coffee or even a light lunch, Patisserie Gilg, 60, Grand'rue, Colmar is probably one of the the best patisseries in France.

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Thanks for the tips, milkman! I will definitely try to find that patisserie :wub:

I'm also planning on a day trip or two out to a few of the nearby towns.. maybe Riquewihr, Egusheim or .. Turkckheim? I haven't quite figured out my itinerary, but any recommendations in towns nearby would also be appreciated! I will most likely be relying on public transportation or perhaps I will rent a bicycle for the day..

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