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Honore does have Kouign Amann - different than the one at Colville Patisserie. This one is round, multilayered, buttery with a salty finish. They also have Canneles - darkly attractive with a creamy interior and a citrus fragrance. chocolate brioche, pain au chocolate, croissant, scones (?), cheese brioche, gruyere tarts, seasonal fruit tarts...more coming out as I left.

This place is dangerously close to Lunchbox Lab. Good thing Ballardites have a pool and tennis courts nearby. Across the street is Tarasco and a small breakfast/lunch place. Years ago, this place did custom wedding cakes - can't remeber the name. The baker here is another young (looking) man. Already in the wholesale business.

I am happy it is 1/2 hour from my house. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Serving Lighthouse coffee and espresso too. Not Paris, but mighty fine, as far as I've eaten. editing to add - Besalu has no competition here as far as items in common. The croissant at Honore are far too bready, but tasty.

1413 NW 70th.

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The straight-from-the oven croissant we had at Honore about a week ago gave both Besalu and Bakery Nouveau a run for the money. It wasn't bready at all. The kouign amann was bready, but it had been in the case for a while. One other laminated dough was fantastic; basically a blueberry danish. The almond brioche had excellent flavor, with deeply fermented (not yeasty) notes.

However, the traffic at Honore is still a bit light. Besalu used to be accused of having unimpressive croissants until they started getting busy and turning them out every 30 minutes.

Jason Truesdell

Blog: Pursuing My Passions

Take me to your ryokan, please

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