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Red Hill (Vic) area restaurants

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A record for me: planning mothers day for my wife/kids' mum a full 5 days or so before it hits. :shock: The only thing I put off longer than Mum's day is christmas shopping.

I have managed to sneak in a booking for a spa thingy down in Red Hill on Mornington Penisula. Facial booked, weather looks good, bought the kids a card to give, so now all I need is a decent place for lunch for the fam, and it will look like I've been planning this thing for months!!

Is there anything worth pointing out to me over there? I know the area fairly well, but we always do the same: T'Gallant for the great pizzas, Paringa for the wine. 10 Minutes by Tractor now has an excellent restaurant, but it's a bit over the top with 2 little kids in tow. Paringa I remember being good too, but it's a long set-lunch on Sunday, and would spill over into spa-time. I also vaguely remember a decent meal years ago at a Blue Willow (?) or similar, at one of the big wineries, but can't recall it straightaway.

Would love any tips for casual lunch on the day, especially anything a tad out of the ordinary. thanks/kanga

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Why not T'Gallant for pizza? It will be something familiar and it's laid back. There's always the cheese tasting at Red Hill Cheese or the General Store that I suddenly have drawn a blank on as far as its name...


At Peninsula Hot springs they have a healthy menu with a few sheltered tables. The food's not bad and you could hop into the springs.

If only Jack Nicholson could have narrated my dinner, it would have been perfect.

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