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Competition 29: Your Name Here

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  • 2 years later...

What am I? So many choices I am trying to think of the dish that is me and not what I most like to eat. This is one of those moments where you have to start at childhood......what did I eat then how did it make me feel and then these years later where has it brought me. I wish I could have three courses it would be easier but its not supposed to be easy.

So childhood, I'm from Liverpool England, home of the beatles and once the British empires biggest and most important port. This lead to a major beating during WW2 (Im going somewhere with this hold on), although I am not of the war generation the effects remained in food when being brought up by my mother and grandmother. We ate A LOT of offal and was in the mind of use all of the animal. Lambs testicals where a regular and I tell you if you have tried then you are missing out.

So I must have some sort of offal in my dish that is the most improtant element but not the main feature. Unfortunately I was brought up on grey overcooked meat as well and actually hated roast because of it, I moved away from home at 16 and discovered the simple steak is amazing if its cooked correctly and as much of a foodie I am the humble steak remains my food of choice probably with bacon.

Important to know as I type I am creating the dish and have not thought this through!!! However one thing is evident looking at the three ingrdients featured so far, I am almost creating beef wellington which I love so lets base it around this.

Whilst at college one of my fondest memories was foreging in the New forest in Bournemouth south England and looking at a variety of mushrooms which amazed me each one unique in taste, texture and sight.

I know know how the dish is going to be.... but i need a sauce, garnish and potato...let me go and make a withdrawal from the memory bank and I'll be back...

Ok a bit of a cop out and an easy what out but I love Thomas Kellers version, I love my rustic version and I love the movie, Ratatouille would not only go with the dish I have in mind but also its my favourite vegetable side probably next to petit pois a la Francais.

Potato it HAS to be mashed potato its one of the most unspectacular spectacular creation in food, what this means is its so simple yet done correctly is amazing and I love it with spring onion, lots of butter, chives and a little cheddar mixed in..

I know live in the wine region inAuckland New Zealand called Kumeu and we have an ostrich farm near by, I love ostrich so healthy and so delicious and its just like beef so this is actually going to replace beef in my dish as it represents the hear and now with me.

So my dish.....

Ostrich Wellington (which is wrapped in chicken liver pate, wild mushroom, proscuitto and puff pastry) served with ratatouille, creamy spring onion mash and a little blueberry jus.

Wow Im hungry now!

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