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fresh chickens from chinatown

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i was eyeing the whole chickens in a chinatown supermarket yesterday (the biggest one on st laurent, on west side of street). they sure look fresh -- judging by their heads and their little feets! but do they taste good? i started to reach for one, then hesitated. what say ye? thanks for feedback...


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Rarely have I had problems buying meat in chinatown especially if you reach for something with a huge turnover like chicken or pork. There store you mention has a lot of traffic I think it's a good bet , as for taste it's hard to say you can always fall on a good or bad bird. I say give it a try there is little to lose. I usually buy chicken carcasses, legs and feet from Chinatown ( or Kim Phat but all these places have the same suppliers) to make stock and soup and they are always tasty.



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they gots them atwater market

this is funny -- i usually buy ferme d'amours (which i like OK) at my local IGA (igaaahhh). i was attracted to the Chinatown chicks because they are whole and entire, from comb to claw, which is why i posted the original question. since they are "intègres" i thought they might be better -- but i hesitated because their price is so low, i assumed they must be battery raised, and therefore no better (indeed, less good) than the ferme d'amours supermarket chickens.

at the atwater market i go for the pricey organic chickens as an occasional treat. i would not be excited to find the same birds as those i see in the supermarket.

so where is the best place to buy a great free-range chicken, anyway?

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