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Magdalen flooded

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Just heard an interview with the proprietor on GLR. Apparently the kitchen has been terminally damaged by the burst water main in Tooley St.

There was also some old toot about the mayoral election but I wasn't listening to that bit.

Tim Hayward

"Anyone who wants to write about food would do well to stay away from

similes and metaphors, because if you're not careful, expressions like

'light as a feather' make their way into your sentences and then where are you?"

Nora Ephron

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Was there (at Magdalen) Saturday little more than a week ago. Then everything was fine.

Had roast marrowbones with snails as a starter (so-so, a little bit too much fat in a single dish), lambs tongue with tomatoe and rosmary white beans as main course(very good) and rhubarb with cold custard (?) and a ginger biscuit as dessert (excellent).

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