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Official State Desserts


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California doesn't have an Official State Dessert (how did we miss out on this one?), but I nominate Mudslide Cookies. The chocolate chunks & nuts can represent what's left of a multi-million dollar house that's fallen off a cliff during rainy season.

As someone famously said, "It's not true that California doesn't have seasons. We have fire season and mudslide season."

(And here's a recipe for Mudslide Cookies: http://www.worldonaplate.org/world_on_a_pl...acques_tor.html )

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SuzySushi,  I just got back from Hawaii -- how does the mac nut pie stack against haupia?

On an eGullet tip I went to Costco and bought a mac nut pie.  Wowee was that good, and a can of Qwip to go with it.

I also enjoyed going through a drive-through window and getting two slices of pie.  I like a state where you can get drive-through pie.

I still vote for haupia! Or if you want to be really decadent, chocolate haupia pie -- which is filled with a layer of haupia, a layer of chocolate pudding, and topped with whipped cream!

Actually, my vote would be for Okinawan sweet potato haupia pie with macadamia shortbread crust! Now THAT would be a true local-style state dessert!

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Our official dessert here in British Columbia, Canada would have to be the sugar/calorie-bomb known as the Nanaimo Bar. I can't even remember the last time I had one.


OHHHHHH, My!!!!! That Grand Marnier one sounds BEYOND fabulous.

There's a redneck version, so far from this except for a slight resemblance---say if you put the two pictures side-by-side, they might look like the Charles Atlas before and after, or those ads for cellulite removal creams, or maybe one of the age-the-child pictures of Pebbles Flintstone, as she'd look today.

THAT one, called "Mountain Mama," or in some less-than-exalted circles, "Four Layer Delaaaat"---starts out with the best of intentions---a butter/flour/toasted pecans shortbread crust which IS delightful, indeed. It could grace the grandest torte or the most celebrated cheesecake.

Were it not for the abuse heaped upon it in the form of a package of cream cheese, mixed with a cup of powdered sugar and half a tub of Kool Whip.

Next layer is a package of instant chocolate pudding, the three-cup size, spread on top. No additions, no garnishments, just plain old Jello Instant.

Of course, you can't have a half-tub of Kool Whip languishing about in the fridge---without that tub to add to the storage cabinet, where would you store that leftover sauerkraut and weenies til time to make a pot of soup? So use it up, spread it on, swirl it around.

Chill till party time (or til the funeral's over and it's time to set out lunch). Cut into squares. This results in clips and clops of color and fluff and ooze that truly WILL delight the heart of the sugar-deprived (or depraved---I forget which).

There also come into being colors of no earthly hue---vast streaks of the Purple Dye #81, used with a dash of magenta, some La Brea Black, puce, and a squirt from the neon sage, to make the chocolate look CHOCOLATE. Serves twelve. And every single piece will be different in shape, texture, configuration, taste and color.

It's been a standby of every celebratory function in the Delta since its creation sometime in the Seventies, I think. Tiffs have broken out in committee meetings, just on who was to make the Mountain Mama, and who, the Wilted Leddis Sallid for the next Quarterly Luncheon.

And then, of course, there are the feuds over Sawdust Salad . . .

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Washington does not have a state dessert. We have a state vegetable: Walla Walla sweet onion; a state fruit: apple; and a state fish: steelhead trout.

Something with apples, cherries or cranberries comes to mind.

Edited by MGLloyd (log)


Michael Lloyd

Mill Creek, Washington USA

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