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Backwoods BBQ in Westood


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Apparently a new BBQ place has opened in Westwood called Backwoods BBQ. It looks promising, with some very interesting variations on old classics. They also look expensive. REAL expensive. I'm dying to try them, but I don't want to go down there and end up spending $75 for dinner. Here are three things that have me thinking their prices may be through the roof:

1. Their website has a "Menu" section, but lists only a few of their special items, not a complete menu. No prices are listed anywhere.

2. There was an article in the "Starters" section of the Record today. Many times when mentioning these restaurants, some indication as to the prices of items (or at least a range) are given. Not this time. There is no mention of specific prices or price ranges anywhere in the article.

3. I asked them to fax me a menu, but they said they couldn't. (They said they didn't have a fax machine. What business in this day and age doesn't have a fax machine?)

So, has anyone checked them out? If so, how is the food and how are the prices? I know good BBQ ain't cheap, but if the prices are much more than Bourbon or CC then it would not be a place I would go to very often. Thanks for any info!

Backwoods BBQ Website

Link to Starters Article in the Record

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Haven't been there yet, but their website is quite annoying. No menu and terrible music you can't get rid of.

I'm a NYC expat. Since coming to the darkside, as many of my freinds have said, I've found that most good things in NYC are made in NJ.

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Made it to Backwoods Barbeque tonight. Good food, friendly service and comfortable room. Complimentary cornbread with butter start the meal. Basic and good. We started with the Kobe Corn Dogs (they were all out of paper menus to take home, so this is by memory) - served lollipop style propped up in a little wooden pig (see pic below), they were a nice start to the meal, especially with the whole grain mustard served on the side.

I had a caesar salad with hangar steak. Caesar dressing was made in house and from the taste of it, included anchovies. Really excellent. A huge side of Porcini mushroom and truffle oil mac and cheese rounded out my meal.

My fiancee had the full rack of dry rub ribs, based on the waitresses statement that the wet ribs were basically the dry with the sauce that they provide on the table applied in the kitchen. He enjoyed them, adding the sauce. Very peppery and not quite fall off the bone, he enjoyed the very large portion. Sides of homemade coleslaw and vinegary/peppery baked beans completed things.

Desserts are made in house with the exception of the ice cream, which comes from the Conrads, the home made ice cream place down the block.

Total bill, tax and tip, came to about $90 for the two of us, with PLENTY left over for tomorrow's lunch.


Kobe Corn Dogs served Lollipop style in a little wooden piggy!


Porcini mushroom & truffle oil mac and cheese giant side


Dry Rub Ribs and Cole Slaw Side


Caesar Salad with hangar steak


Dry Rub Ribs close up


Peanut Butter Brownie Dessert.

Cant wait to go back. We left with that feeling that there are a few more things on the menu we'd like to try. Only suggestion and a pet-peeve of mine - please have the staff stop using spray bottles to spray down the tables between customers. The smell of cleaning solution really puts a damper on an otherwise enjoyable meal. Have them spray their cloths in the back and just come out and wipe down the tables with the damp cloth. Other than that, the VERY young staff, though looking exhausted after what must have been a very busy opening weekend, were on top of things and kept a smile on their face. Our waitress, Maria, made recommendations, told us tales of opening days and worked hard to ensure our happiness. Thanks, Maria!

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I took the family there Friday 7/4 - Westwood was really empty & Backwoods was pretty full = good sign.

Most of us had ribs - very good, very tasty, little bit spicy, but I liked it.

The sides - onion rings, fries & BBQ baked beans were really excellent.

Few in the party had burgers - also said very good.

Very good service & nice people.

I just moved to this area & will be back often.

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Backwoods BBQ has updated their website with different music (more country & western, and MUCH less annoying) and full menus.

And Holy Freeking Cats... I was right about the pricing. I'm sure the food is good, but is it worth paying so much more for? $8 for a "small" classic mac & cheese?!? A small mac & cheese side at CC's was $2.00, and it was OUTSTANDING. (Bourbon has mac & cheese for about the same price too, but it's not nearly as good as CC's was.) $12.50 for a pulled pork sandwich or plate? $17.25 for a brisket sandwich or plate?!? These would be $6.00 to $8.00 at Bourbon's or CC's for a sandwich, maybe a few dollars more for a plate.

I know, this is more of an "upscale" and dine-in restaurant and CC's was a little biddy hole in the wall in Haledon, and rents are a lot higher in Westwood than they are in Haledon, but come on! Can you convince me that it s worth paying a 50% or higher premium for this food?

Boy oh boy, I miss CC's terribly already. I like Bourbon's meats, but their sides need a lot of improvement. Maybe they could hire Chris from CC's to improve their sides! Then we'd have a BBQ powerhouse in Bergen County that wouldn't bankrupt everyone!

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Haven't been there yet, but their website is quite annoying. No menu and terrible music you can't get rid of.

I think when you open up the menu page ( and a new window opens) you can get rid of the music by closing out the original window.

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Backwoods recently started a Wednesday night $20 AYCE rib special. And this was just the thing to get me in there to try them.

Overall, it was quite good. The dry ribs were very good, but they have a VERY strong sage/cinnamon/clove flavor. The hostess recommened trying the ribs with a bit of honey, and that, along with some of the vinegar-based sauce on the table, made the flavor a bit more mild. The wet ribs are basically the dry ribs with the tomato barbecue sauce. Also very good, but I think these ribs go better with the vinegar sauce.

My favorite ribs were the baby back, which is apparently a new addition to the menu. They were delicious. Very tender, and a nice sweet, mild flavor. They also served these with a little pitcher of extra sauce, which was very tasty. It almost reminded me of a high quality beef gravy.

The ribs came with beans and coleslaw for sides, and they brought out new sides with each round of ribs. I'm not a coleslaw fan, but the beans were very good. Tons of meat, and a bit of peppery spice.

Being a macaroni & cheese fan, I ordered a small mac & cheese too. It was quite good, but a bit too much on the "wet" side for me. The portion was generous, but at $8, overpriced. Chris Rogge's dry baked mac & cheese masterpiece from CC's Barbecue Pit is still the champ. (Please open a new place soon, Chris! We miss you!)

The place is quite large, with three separate dining areas, and there is plenty of room for everyone. Unfortunately, there weren't too many people in the place. (Maybe five or six other groups.)

The staff consisted of a lot of young high school/college kids, and they were friendly and enthusiastic. Service was good, and the server was even nice enough to wrap up the leftovers. The head hostess (manager?) was also extremely friendly and came over to chat with us.

Overall, I enjoyed the place quite a bit, and $20 for AYCE ribs is a fair price. If they could lower their other prices, I would definitely visit this place more often. For now though, I'll enjoy the occasional junket out there for ribs!

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Sorry to see another restaurant -- and small business -- close due to the economy.

I had gone to this place, more than once. My first visit was because I wanted to go and I really like BBQ. It was OK. I would not have gone back on my own. I went back because some friends wanted to go. Same same both times. I wasn't crazy about the atmosphere, ambiance, etc., but that's just me. Maybe others liked it.

The service was fair at best -- the servers just kind of going through the motions. While the space was likely too big, I just don't think the food was that good. Most people I spoke to about the place -- and I know many people who went there -- almost all of them felt it was overpriced.

I don't mean this as criticism or anything of the like. Just my opinion.


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