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Where to Buy Jicama in Montreal?


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Can anyone make a suggestion as to where to buy jicama in Montreal?

Certainly, You will frequently find Jicama in Asian grocery stores, as well as, some of the Latin American stores. Look for firm Jicama with no dark dimples. The Jicama should be as hard as a rock if it is fresh.

Try to find a grocer that has good product turn over so that you have a better chance of getting Jicama in good condition.

Places that I frequently find fresh Jicama would be Marche Hawaii on Marcel Laurin, The Asian grocers on Van Horne and Victoria, The Asian grocers on St. Denis near Jean Talon, or in China Town try Heng Heng, Kien Xoung or the large joint next to Cristal of Saigon.

Happy hunting.

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