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Where to eat in Ginza, Tokyo?

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We're coming to Japan for short holiday in a few weeks time and staying at this hotel Mitsui Garden in Ginza. As we will be arriving pretty late on a Monday, probably get to the hotel at about 11pm, is there anywhere in the vicinity that you would recommend at that time of night? We probably won't be up for anything too extravagant after such a long flight but open to suggestions for this first meal. Need to start off on the right foot here :biggrin:

It's not the first time for us in Tokyo, we went three years ago for our honeymoon and stayed at the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku. It was the best holiday we've ever had, very memorable not least the first meal that we had then was fresh soba noodles with broth and grilled eel (for me)/ prawn tempura (for the wife). Hmmm, can't wait to go!

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