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Le Bec Fin

Al x

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If I may - Bibou may attempt to be at LBF's level of service as described by Holly. But, we were there yesterday and I can say without the shadow of a doubt that the attempt is far from successful. More in the appropriate thread by evening.

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Just came back from 8 of us eating at Le Bec tonight. For their $40 anniversary special, 4 courses, and $40 wine specials to boot.

Appetizers and main courses were the highlight.

I had a delicious chilled pea soup with almond ice cream...other apps included grilled octopus with blueberries (it worked!) and a tomato and watermelon salad.

For the main course I had quail stuffed with sausage, very good, served with white beans...others had flat iron steak with pea pomme puree and a shallot marmalade that melted in your mouth. There was also a poached salmon in olive oil.

There was then a laughable cheese course, it was embarrassing actually! The teeniest tiniest miniscule -not even a sliver of manchego with two teeny tiny slivers of bread and two grapes. More like an amuse.

For the dessert cart, we were instructed we could have up to 3 choices. I had a grand marnier souffle, a flourless chocolate cake and a coconut, caramel mango something. I've been to Le Bec a few other times, and everyone goes on about this dessert cart. Must be me....they are okay, but a bunch of tarts and cakes don't do it for me.

So I really enjoyed the app and the entree...the wines we had were delicious...a white bordeaux and a pinot.

We just had a glass of wine each to start, and 3 bottles of their special rate wine, and some coffees/espressos- and it still came out to $175 per couple including tip.

Don't know how that happened!

It was packed. The special is during the week from 5-6:30 only for $40. You can also order the more expensive menus if you'd like.

Perrier seemed more relaxed than usual.

Philly Francophiles

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