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Has anyone been to Kaiyo (Roe and 119th) recently?

No, but I think I want to. :smile:

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I have been there several times and I think that it is the best sushi in KC. My girlfriend went there last night and said that it was great. Her friend that she went with had the Toro and loved it.

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I can't honestly say it's the best sushi restaurant in Kansas City. Actually, I couldn't even say that it's one of the better sushi restaurants in Kansas City. I don't eat sushi out in Kansas City enough to know.

But, judging by the meal I had last night, Kaiyo offers some decent sushi.

A few observations:

1. I was really (REALLY) turned off by the overwhelming fishy smell when I first walked in. It really put me off, as a stinky/fishy-smelling sushi-ya is the first sign that fish is either not fresh or not being stored appropriately, or, more likely both. My nose acclimated after 20 minutes.

2. Despite the smell, everything we tried seemed fresh.

3. They have uni (uni!!). It was served (too) cold, but was surprisingly fresh-tasting. No doubt, they don't get a lot of orders for it, so it's probably kept mostly/semi-frozen, only brought out for service as needed.

4. The sushi (the rice, that is) is pretty good - more aggressive with vinegar than most. I like it.

5. It's a lot smaller and more crowded than I had first imagined.

Glad I finally made into Kaiyo.

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