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Stumptown Comes to 9th Street

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Just stopped in at 9th Street Espresso for a cappuccino and noticed that the staff was in the middle of a cupping. More curious was that boxes were being opened and bags were being moved into the kitchen area that were definitely not the typical Counter Culture beans that 9th Street uses. Being the nosy person that I am - I peeked in to see who the beans were from.


Yes, after almost a year of discussion, 9th Street Espresso is becoming the first NY shop to use Stumptown beans. The espresso blend is Hairbender and there are going to be a couple of varietals for french press available as well. Even more encouraging, the folks from Stumptown confirmed that they're setting up a Brooklyn roasting facility to be able to supply 9th Street.

Now, if you're hankering for a Stumptown shot, give them some time. When I left, they were still in the process of shifting everything over - though they were gracious enough to weigh me out a half pound to go. I think they were trying to get everything turned over for Stumptown this afternoon, but honestly, since they're going to have to adjust the grinders and espresso machine temp - give them a day or two to get everything dialed in perfectly.

It was confirmed that deliveries will be on Wednesdays and Fridays to start, and possibly daily once the local roasting facility is up and running.


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